Hanover’s April Dog-of-the-Month: Sadie

Meet Miss Sadie of Elmont, a 6 week old Labradoodle

Sadie belongs to Elmont couple Jill and Dan Racine. She is the couple’s second canine daughter.  Sadie is 6 weeks old and a transplant from Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys treats, running around outside, playing with her toys and sleeping. She recently visited Taylor Dog Park for the very first time.

How did you all meet? We have a friend who is also a professional dog trainer in Charlotte whose dogs recently had puppies.

What is Sadie’s favorite snack? Without question that would be Bil-Jac Little- Jacs. She prefers fresh chicken liver.

Does she have any favorite places to go? So far, Taylor Dog Park in Hanover is her number one spot.

Does she sleep in your bed? Not yet, but we have an older dog that does. Right now she enjoys napping on the couch and sleeping in her “condo”. It’s just a matter of time until she makes it to the bed.

What’s the origin of the name Sadie? We thought she looked like a Sadie so we made it so. She took to her name very quickly.

What is Sadie’s favorite toy? Right now, it’s her little purple squeaky duck.

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