In the Spotlight – The West Hanover Wood Ministry: Keeping Hanover families warm since 2005!

The West Hanover Wood Ministry (WHWM) provides firewood to over 60 needy families to heat their homes and/or cook.  The WHWM is comprised of members from eleven churches and two community organizations; they work with local churches, Hanover County Community Resources, and Western Hanover Emergency Action Team (WHEAT).

The WHWM started at Rouzie’s Chapel in 2005 as a spin off from Wright’s Chapel in Ladysmith and is now in its 15th year. The wood yards are located at Rouzie’s Chapel in Beaverdam, Church of Our Saviour in Montpelier, and The Fork Church in Doswell.

Photo Credit: Dick Lear

 The Wood Ministry seeks out hardwood donations from local families and businesses that can be cut, split and delivered to families in need.

For the 2018/19 season WHWM has delivered 178 loads of wood to needy families so far.  While they did not keep records the first 3 years, since 2008/09 WHWM has delivered 2,384.5 load of wood.  For metrics, WHEAT assesses $75.00 for each load of wood delivered to total an estimated value of $178,837.50.

Chart courtesy of Dick Lear

Their success is only made possible by the generous donations of time, equipment, and supplies by its volunteer members.  Although on paper there are 85 volunteers only about 25 are volunteering on a regular basis.  It’s a small crew but some of them have been there since the beginning.  That’s 15 years of keeping families in need warm.  

L-R Doug Gordon, Pastor Owen Taylor, Fredy Calderon, Photo Credit: Dick Lear

If you would like to help with cutting, splitting, and delivering wood contact Fredy Calderon at 804-357-5504 or Dick Lear at 703-855-9831  Deliveries are usually made on Wednesday and/or Saturday mornings.

A couple hours of your time each week will make a huge difference.  This volunteer opportunity would make a great community service project for a teenage youth group.

If you are not able to donate time, you can still help, WHWM accepts equipment, supplies and monetary donations, just reach out to Freddy or Dick and they will let you know how to donate.  

Photo Credit: Dick Lear

The WHWM thanks everyone in advance for supporting the Wood Ministry with your time, trucks, chainsaws, gas & oil donations. By helping, you will be making a huge difference to the people in our community.

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